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eruri head canon dump


eruri headcanons, because why not?

  1. when levi first joined the legion, he was basically illiterate. it was erwin who taught him, over late nights and flickering candles and little pockets of time stolen from in between sleep and official duties.
  2. erwin has tons of paper work, and levi has fallen…




I find it interesting that Zaheer’s detachment from worldly desires seems more like a way for him to escape suffering than an actual sacrifice.

He couldn’t give up his desire for P’li when she was alive because he actually wanted to remain attached to her. But, as soon as she died and that attachment felt painful rather than pleasurable, he gave it up without hesitation.

That kind of seems like a jerk move to me (though I suspect P’li herself wouldn’t mind).

This is actually something that’s sorta perturbed me about both ATLA and TLOK, that it kinda (probably unintentionally) misrepresents the idea of “detachment” (in the Buddhist sense) as being equivalent to apathy and/or not caring/loving people; the way detachment has been discussed both with Aang and Zaheer makes it out to seem that becoming detached means no longer holding/experiencing love for people. When the reality is that detachment in Buddhism means that one stills feels compassion and love for people and the world but through an unbiased and not obsessive lens.

Zaheer is an ideal villain for this very reason. He shows us that even air nomad philosophies can be warped if someone interprets them that way. An idea is simply an idea, subjective and subjected to countless points of view…and some interpretations can be twisted. It’s humanity that shapes ideas into a part of our reality. Zaheer interpreted Guru Laghima’s teachings as justification for his rising apathy for human beings. In fact, most of the ideals Zaheer claims to stand for (such as detachment and freedom) are “good” until you realize that his idea of freedom is most people’s definition of anarchy, and his definition of “detachment” can literally be swapped out with “cold-blooded apathy.”

It’s not his ideas that are wrong. It’s his interpretation of them.

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After we finished up on Book One and before we got layouts for Book Two, us background painters got a chance to do some sketches based on the scripts for Book Two.  These are some of the sketches and things I did from the episodes that have aired.    



so i went to go get a drink and…







Does it make you think of this, too?


#madoka magica

The witch’s labyrinth scenes were absolutely stellar.  One of my favorite art styles in any animated anything.


Eruri AU where Levi is Rocket Raccoon and Erwin is Groot

Them: I don't think kids should be exposed to gay relationships.

You: Why not?

Them: It's introducing children to sexuality! They're too young for that!

You: So when a prince and princess kiss in a Disney movie, are they introduced to sexuality? When the prince and the princess get married and have a child, is that introducing your child to sexuality?

Them: NO! But if they see a man and a man, or a woman and a woman together... they're going to start asking questions! Like how a man and a man can... you know, do anything together.

You: You think the only thing people think when they see a gay couple is "I wonder how they have sex"? Furthermore, you think a CHILD is going to even know what that means? When the prince and the princess kiss, does your 4 year old daughter ask, "mommy, how do people have intercourse"? No. She just sees two people in love. If you remember when you were a kid, you probably didn't think about sex every time you saw two people happy together.

Them: But it'll bring up all kinds of questions, it'll confuse my child!

You: Then be a fucking parent and explain it to your child. The only question that might be brought up is "mom, why don't you want gay people to be happy?". And when you don't have a good answer for that question, you can look your child in the eye and say "It's because I'm a bigot".





"horses are such majestic creatures!"


I watch this so many times after it pops up on my dash and I laugh so hard I cry each time


I was in the barn brushing my horse once, and he fell asleep but then farted so loudly that he scared himself awake.